The choice of footwear has always been driven by the desire to find attractive footwear, which is also comfortable and durable. Exactly such footwear is offered by EUROSKOR already since 1964, when the first EUROSKOR store in Stockholm opened its doors. A lot has changed since then, but the quality of footwear offered by EUROSKOR has remained the same and is trusted by the most demanding buyers of footwear all around Latvia.

By the rhythm of life and opportunities increasing, also requirements for individual, personalized solutions are increasing. Although footwear do not represent technologies that are developing faster than the human ability to find the use for their varied options, expectations of people concerning casual footwear have undoubtedly become higher. We have noticed, that buyers are more frequently looking for universal footwear – practical, comfortable and, of course, also elegant. Footwear that is pleasant not only to put on, but also to wear for an extended period of time, when going to work or attending various events.

The dynamic city environment perfectly characterizes the desire to combine so different elements, which determine the quality of footwear. This is exactly why CITY FASHION is our offer for those who desire to combine comfort and style. For those who want comfortable and at the same time nice looking footwear that can emphasize the wearer’s individuality. Footwear that can be always relied on.