Rūdolfs and Margareta Kerls opened their first footwear store Stilman in Sweden with the startup capital only 15 thousand kronas or 1,500 euros. Three generations of Latvians were present at the moment of opening the store – grandfather Rūdolfs, his daughter Sarmīte Andersone and the youngest sibling – Jānis Andersons.


19 EUROSKOR stores operate in Latvia, offering products of world’s leading footwear manufacturers. EUROSKOR continues looking for opportunities to provide the best for its client – the brand moves with the times and introduces a new graphic identity.


EUROSKOR LATVIA becomes the official distributor of the worldwide favourite Danish footwear ECCO in the Baltic states, and the first ECCO footwear store is opened in Riga.


EUROSKOR continues its expansion. 18 Euroskor stores, 2 Clarks, 3 Tamaris, 5 Ecco and 3 Lloyd monobrand stores operate in Latvia. Stores are opened in 12 cities and towns of Latvia, also Euroskor online store is launched.


12 modern footwear stores in 8 cities and towns of Latvia have started their operation under the company EUROSKOR LATVIA, where 120,000 pairs of footwear were sold per year.


EUROSKOR LATVIA continues to strengthen its position among the leaders of footwear dealers in Latvia. It is also intended to expand market positions outside the Latvian borders by opening new brand Lloyd stores in Lithuania and Estonia. Stores are opened in 13 cities in Latvia. A total of 18 Euroskor stores, 3 Tamaris, 5 Lloyd, 5 Ecco, 1 Clarks store as well as a Euroskor online store.